Identity,  Packaging,  Campaign


SIMULATE is a food technology brand on a mission to upgrade the world to a positive food system. The company’s simulated, plant-based products offer a sustainable alternative to some of our favorite animal-based foods (chicken nuggets, wings, and now, tenders, need we say more?). In 2019, the company launched Nuggs, the most advanced chicken nugget simulation on the planet. Since that time, their sales, retail footprint, and product portfolio has rapidly grown.


As a response to this meteoric success (and in preparation for the launch of their fifth product offering, TENDERS), SIMULATE approached the CENTER team about a brand and packaging refresh. 


In this refresh, we updated the hierarchy to give SIMULATE prominence as the parent company and to clearly define the visual rules of the brand. These rules will support the brand as it continues to expand its offering into new categories across grocery store shelves.


Alex Center

Andrew Galloway

Ciaran Brandin

Pete Freeman

Ellie Jepsen

Hanna Pulis

Kevin Batory

Madeline Beard

Ashleigh Bowring

Phil Gibson


Lance Langel


Hunter Pifer
Iyanla Galletti


Wardrobe Styling:
Erica Boisaubin


Hair and Makeup:
Tatyana Harkoff