Identity,  Packaging

Qai Qai

Qai Qai was just a doll, until she became an internet icon. What started as a symbol of inclusivity and inspiration for Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s daughter, Olympia, Qai Qai quickly took the internet by storm with her boss energy and impressive dance moves. With over 3.3 Million Tik Tok followers, Qai Qai has grown from a baby doll to a larger-than-life personality that brings joy and inspiration in every post.


We partnered with the incredible team at Invisible Universe to build a brand that is as big as Qai Qai is,  designing the visual system, packaging, and merch for her retail debut.


Andrew Galloway
Pete Freeman
Ashleigh Bowring
Kevin Batory
Jeff Kardos

Ellie Jepsen

Hanna Pulis