Founder and CEO Sophie Bai, one of the world’s preeminent bio-cosmetic scientists, approached CENTER to name and build a suncare brand that would challenge the status quo by bringing a touch of luxurious fashion into the laboratory.


Enter Pavise—an advanced biotech company on a mission to break conventions of the skincare industry and take sun protection for every skin type seriously through meticulously researched, breakthrough technology. Named for the 14th-century full-body shield, Pavise offers the ultimate invisible defense against UV-induced skin aging through proprietary technologies built around molecular nanodiamonds.


Inspired by the electrifying and intensely-saturated visuals produced under the microscope, the packaging system features a vivid 3D recreation of Pavise’s patented DiamondCore® Shield, balanced by a refined typographic system that instills trust and embodies a brand rooted in extensive scientific research.


Andrew Galloway

Ciaran Brandin

Pete Freeman

Rob Oechsle

Ellie Jepsen

Hanna Pulis

Kevin Batory

Forrest Huu Ta

Madeline Beard

Ashleigh Bowring

Justen Blaize

Rhianydd Hylton

Alex Center


Molecular Animation: Living Thing Studios


Photography: Tom Corbett


Brand Strategy: Nathan Manou