Magic Spoon Treats

When Magic Spoon came to us with their newest product, Treats, we knew it was going to be important to maintain a clear visual relationship between their core cereal boxes and this new packaging. 


Inspired by the structure and quirks of the existing Magic Spoon Logo, we recognized an opportunity to give Treats the platform they deserve. To do this, we created a custom Magic Spoon inspired typeface and logo treats-ment.


We loved that the core cereal packages show the individual cereal larger than life, demonstrating texture and detail. So, we took this idea to the next level, making the treats themselves the hero of the packaging—positioning them larger than life and personifying them with a suite of cheeky expressions.


Andrew Galloway

Hanna Pulis

Forrest Huu Ta

Ciaran Brandin

Kevin Batory

Rob Oechsle

Pete Freeman

Rhianydd Hylton

Alex Center


Photography: @heidisbridge and @growthbuster


Illustration: @molinetjuan


Product Photography – @drexdrechsel


Retouching: @zachvitale


OG Magic Spoon Branding: @gandergrams