The Infatuation

Over the past decade, The Infatuation’s savvy assessments of the worldwide food scene earned it a cult-like following. The website’s situation-specific restaurant reviews and guides have made it the trustiest recommendation platform on the internet, whether that’s for dining out with parents or a steamy third date.


The Infatuation’s heart and soul has always been its voice: joyful, witty and exuberant, like a best friend that knows just where to go and what to eat when you get there. Our brand refresh of the platform celebrates this voice in all its colorful, cheeky, eccentric glory.


We partnered with the team at The Infatuation to design a voice-forward visual system for a new era of dining.


Andrew Galloway
Pete Freeman
Ashleigh Bowring
Ciaran Brandin
Kevin Batory
Ellie Jepsen
Hanna Pulis

Scott Allen Hill
Nick Carpenter