With Indify, artists are founders.


Launched in 2015 by Shav Garg, Conner Lawrence, and Matthew Pavia, Indify is paving the way for a more equitable music industry. The platform, which began with a unique algorithm that identifies and tracks growing talent, connects emerging artists with the funding they need to build bigger careers on their own terms. 


Leading with a six pointed star as the logo mark, we helped Indify level up with a brand system that has two functions. It must build trust with its network of investors and artists as a tech platform with extensive history using data to pinpoint, project, and pump up emerging artists. Through analog textures and hazy, layered animations it emphasizes the grainy, colorful dream state of stardom.


Andrew Galloway

Hanna Pulis

Forrest Huu Ta

Ciaran Brandin

Kevin Batory

Rob Oechsle

Pete Freeman

Rhianydd Hylton

Grace Dawson

Alex Center