Born from the vision of Josh Luber, the founder of StockX and a passionate collector, Ghostwrite sits at the crossroads of high fashion and collectible art.


Ghostwrite embodies the understanding that collecting is more than just acquiring physical objects; it’s about the thrill of the hunt. The passion for collecting extends beyond mere ownership, evolving into a form of self-expression, investment, and creative pursuit. With each new release, Ghostwrite offers collectors the opportunity to own a piece of collaborative history. 


We worked with the ghostwrite team to design a system as flexible as its ghostly canvas. With a wordmark that comes and goes with ectoplasmic ooze, and a typographic system with layers of depth, the brand system serves as a platform for its partners’ stories. A simple palette of gray tones let the ghosts’ designs stand out as the collectible pieces of art they are. We’ve created a material palette of soft molded paper, foam, and frosted glass like a soft cocoon for our little heroes, which arrive in a custom box ready to be displayed, opened, or archived.


In fact, the archival nature of collecting plays a large role in ghostwrite’s communication. Each release highlights the minute details of each design—its taxonomy, population, level of access—that determine its place in the collectibles ecosystem. The brand is an ever-growing archive, and the numbers, folios, and arrangement of information reflect that truth. Collecting is not merely about the physical object, but the thrill of the hunt. Each ghost is made for a cultural afterlife—every purchase grants the opportunity to own a piece of living history.


Andrew Galloway

Hanna Pulis

Forrest Huu Ta

Ciaran Brandin

Kevin Batory

Rob Oechsle

Pete Freeman

Rhianydd Hylton

Grace Dawson

Alex Center