Ghetto Gastro

Ghetto Gastro is a culinary collective from the Bronx who have defined their own lane merging food, art, music, fashion and design. They believe that food is an essential vehicle for storytelling that can connect, nourish, and empower people across the globe.


We helped them get retail ready for their big Target launch of Toaster Pastries, Pancake + Waffle Mixes, and Maple Syrups with packaging that is just as bold and colorful as the stories their recipes tell.


Andrew Galloway

Hanna Pulis

Forrest Huu Ta

Ciaran Brandin

Rob Oechsle

Pete Freeman

Justen Blaize

Rhianydd Hylton

Alex Center


Photography: Nayquan Shuler


Food Styling: Judy Kim, Jamie Kimm


Retouching: Zach Vitale


Original Identity System: New Studio