Chassie is a family-run furniture business based in the Bronx that makes unique desks for a new world where at-home offices are the new normal. Every desk is made by both hand and machine, to the specifications of each  customer. The geometry of their key CNC machine drove us to create custom typography for them every bit as unique as they are. Chassie is the antithesis to the mass-produced, cheap, same-day delivery businesses that are slowly making us all the same.

We found inspiration in Armin Hofmann’s 1965 Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice. We were drawn to the bold and geometric style with its sharp angles and clean lines that not only looks visually striking, but also connects back to the router fixture plate of a CNC machine, a staple within the Chassie woodshop.

Our goal was to create a custom typeface that showcased the precision and accuracy of CNC cutting. By studying Hofmann’s dot matrix and incorporating the same techniques into our work, we were able to build a system that can be customized for any application.


Andrew Galloway

Ciaran Brandin

Pete Freeman

Ellie Jepsen

Hanna Pulis

Kevin Batory

Forrest Huu Ta

Madeline Beard

Ashleigh Bowring